Middle School (6, 7, 8)

Middle School

Welcome to Middle School!

Lial Middle School includes students between the ages of 11-14. Our Middle School program’s success is evident in the number of high school scholarships earned by the graduating students as well as the number of Lial graduates found on high school honor rolls, clubs, and team sports. Technology is embraced at this level and students bring their own device to school to work inside the Google Classroom platform. The platform invites students to collaborate and connect to peers and teachers promoting 21st century skills. The Middle School unit consists of three family room teachers, a science teacher and six specialists. Electives are offered in our Middle School in certain co-curriculars.

Core & Co-Curricular Middle School Courses

What are Core Subjects?

Core subjects are required courses and taken year-round. Core subjects include: Religion, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Total Language. Area high schools require percentage grading for incoming freshman in all core subjects: Therefore; Religion, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Total Language will continue to follow the percentage-based scale: A-93-100%, B-92-85%, C-84-75%, D-74-65%.

What are Co-Curricular Courses?

Required co-curricular courses are Art, Music, Gym, Spanish and Technology. Curriculum for all co-curriculars are based off Diocesan standards. Students do not enroll in required co-curriculars, they are assigned. Required courses are designed so students are exposed to all co-curriculars each year ensuring a well-rounded course load. They follow Lial’s non-graded philosophy and are based on an E/P/N scale. (There is the option to take Spanish using the percent scale in a student’s 8th year if their goal is to test out of Spanish 1 in high school.)

What are Electives?

Elective cocurricular courses include: (Art) Drawing, Painting, 3D Art, Mixed Media, (Phys. Ed.) Fall Sports, Winter Sports, Spring Sports, Healthy Living, (Music) Choir,Instruments, Musical (Natural Sciences) L-STREAM and 21st Century Learner. Electives are created to meet the need of every learner and provide the time necessary for in depth studies of specific content matter. Electives allow each child to explore his or her unique God-given gifts and interests and are aligned to our school mission. Electives follow Lial’s non-graded philosophy, are based on an E/P/N scale, and meet Diocesan standards.