Family Rooms


(3yr olds)

Lial opened its first PreK-3 classroom in the fall of 2021. Eight three-year olds come to school Monday –Friday from 8 am –11 am. A typical day includes Bible stories, guided play and time devoted to outdoor education. Outdoor learning delivers many benefits including recognizing God in the beauty around us. PreK-3 students have a dedicated space outside which includes a prayer garden, mud kitchen, sand and water components and raised garden beds.



Students use hands-on manipulatives to learn new skills that will lead to independence. Our youngest of children, Readiness students are exposed to all co-curricular classes which include Spanish, Physical Education, Technology, Art, Library, and Music.

Our Readiness Montessori classroom is a half-day, every-day program and runs from 8:15 am to 11:00 am for the AM session and 12:15 pm to 3:00 pm for the PM session. Two full-time early childhood teachers along with six specialists create our Readiness team. Our Readiness Lead Teacher is AMS certified and both teachers hold Early Childhood licenses through the Ohio Department of Education. We are a member of the American Montessori Society.

Lial also offers a Readiness Enrichment room for students and families who are ready for a full school day. Students enrolled in the All-Day enrichment program spend half their day in the Montessori room and half their day in the enrichment room. Outdoor adventures are central to our Enrichment program with students exploring our beautiful Oak Openings region campus on a daily basis. The All-Day program is every-day from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Our enrichment teacher holds an Early Childhood license through the Ohio Department of Education.


(Levels 1—2)

The Primary unit consists of six, seven, and eight year old students. Our continuous progress model allows students to learn at his or her own pace ensuring state standards are met. It is a very dynamic way of learning and teaching; children fall into the rhythm very quickly.

The Primary curriculum includes Religion, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Technology, Art, Music, PE, Library and Spanish. Three full-time elementary education teachers, along with six specialists, provide a high-quality primary education for our children.


(Levels 3- 5)

Lial’s Intermediate program builds upon the foundation established in Primary. Children between the ages of 8-11 continue to make progress towards their own learning goals. Teachers work with students to encourage learning at the highest level possible. Grade level doesn’t matter; the individual student’s ability does. Technology is introduced as an important tool in this unit. Chromebooks and iPads are available for each child for use during the school day.

Developing leadership skills is another component of Intermediate life. The Savio Club provides opportunities for service and outreach. Students can participate in after school clubs, such as Chess, Legos, Book Club, Robotics, as well as sports programs. Our Intermediate team consists of four family-room teachers, a science teacher, and six specialists.

Middle School

(Levels 6-8)

Lial Middle School includes students between the ages of 11-14. Our Middle School program’s success is evident in the number of high school scholarships earned by the graduating students as well as the number of Lial graduates found on high school honor rolls, clubs, and team sports. Technology is embraced at this level and students are provided a Chromebook to work inside the Google Classroom platform. The platform invites students to collaborate and connect to peers and teachers promoting 21st century skills. The Middle School unit consists of three family room teachers, a science teacher and six specialists. Electives are offered in our Middle School in certain co-curriculars.

Core & Co-Curricular Middle School Courses

What are Core Subjects?

Core subjects are required courses and taken year-round. Core subjects include: Religion, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Total Language. Area high schools require percentage grading for incoming freshman in all core subjects. Therefore, Religion, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Total Language will continue to follow the percentage-based scale: A-93-100%, B-92-85%, C-84-75%, D-74-65%.

What are Foundations?

Required foundations courses are Art, Music, Gym, Spanish, and Technology. Curriculum for all co-curriculars are based off Diocesan standards. Students do not enroll in required foundations: they are assigned. Required courses are designed so students are exposed to all co-curriculars each year, ensuring a well-rounded course load. They follow Lial’s non-graded philosophy and are assessed on an E/P/N scale.

What are Electives?

Elective co-curricular courses include: (Art) Drawing, Painting, 3D Art, Mixed Media, (Phys. Ed.) Fall Sports, Winter Sports, Spring Sports, Healthy Living, (Music) Choir, Instruments, Musical,  (Natural Sciences) L-STREAM and 21st Century Learner. Electives are created to meet the need of every learner and provide the time necessary for in-depth studies of specific content matter. Electives allow each child to explore his or her unique God-given gifts and interests and are aligned to our school mission. Electives follow Lial’s non-graded philosophy, are assessed on an E/P/N scale, and meet Diocesan standards.


Lial Catholic School has six specialists working with our students in the areas of art, library, music, physical education, Spanish, and technology.

Lial Catholic School - Whitehouse, Ohio


Art is a favorite class at Lial! Students, from Readiness through Middle School, will have the opportunity to create two- and three-dimensional projects using many different mediums, including drawing materials, paint, printmaking, and mixed media. Many classes, at all levels, are cross-curricular and incorporate Social Studies and Language Arts into the Art lesson, as well as Art vocabulary and Art History. Middle Schoolers also have the opportunity each trimester to select the Art Elective class, giving them Art twice a week with a specific focus on Drawing, Painting, or Mixed Media techniques.

Lial Catholic School in Whitehouse, Ohio


Students in Readiness through Intermediate have scheduled time once a week in our library. Middle School students are welcome to use the library as they need it for class assignments.

Lial Catholic School in Whitehouse, Ohio

Physical Education

All the students attend PE classes in our large Falcon Gym. Stop in, pick up a ball … you are always welcome.

Lial Catholic School in Whitehouse, Ohio


Hola! Readiness through Middle School students all have Spanish classes each week.

Lial Catholic School in Whitehouse, Ohio


Lial music programs are very popular. There is a Christmas program and an amazing Spring musical that incorporates Art, Tech, Drama, Music, and Dance.

Twice a week the students attend music classes, learning both theory as well as new songs. Two large plays and a talent show go to our stage from this room each year. Private piano lessons are also available for the students to take during the school day.

Lial Catholic School in Whitehouse, Ohio


Technology is not only integrated in classrooms, it is taught as a subject at every level. Coding and 3D drawing are favorites.

All students have technology class. Each year more is expected from each student in regard to knowledge and usage.

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