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Year Started NamePositionEducationWhat I like about teaching.What I love about Lial.Email
Office and School Staff
2020Ms. Deidre Liedel
Finance financeoffice@lialschool.org
2020Mrs. Karen Kontak
Administrative Asst. kkontak@lialschool.org
2007Mrs. Jackie Flom
Advancement jflom@lialschool.org
2018Mr. Casey Frail
Building and Grounds
2015Mrs. Leslie Wescott
Secretary secretary@lialschool.org
2021Mr. Michael Myers Maintenance mmartin@lialschool.org
Readiness (4 and 5 year olds) and PK3
2007Mrs. Noel Rodgers
Readiness TeacherMAT from Teachers College, Columbia University
AMS Montessori Early Childhood Certification
Teaching is an adventure. Each day is different and unique. I love watching the children grow in all ways from their entry in the Fall to the end of the school year. It is such an amazing transformation!Lial is an amazing community! When you join Lial’s family, you are enveloped in a caring, faith-filled community. Lial families support each other and the faculty and staff. Lial is blessed. nrodgers@lialschool.org
2018Mrs. Rose Hite Readiness TeacherLourdes University B.A. Elementary Education I love being a part of the process. It is exciting to witness the joy of learning, especially in young children. It is gratifying to think that I may have been a part of a child discovering something new, acquiring a new skill, or accomplishing a goal he or she has set.There are so many things to love about Lial! I love our beautiful location. It is the perfect learning environment! The beauty of our surroundings envelopes us in peace and helps keep us mindful of God’s goodness!! I love the Lial Mission. We truly are “a caring community infused with Gospel values centered on the formation of the whole child”. rhite@lialschool.org
2019Mrs. Lauren CarrPK3 and Enrichment TeacherOakland UniversityI love preparing younger children for success and takes great pride in helping them become life-long learners.
I know that education that combines both textbooks and spiritual learning is critically
important in the development of the whole child and that makes Lial Catholic School an excellent choice for its students who range from preschool age to
8th grade.
Mrs. Jorja Dearing
Ms. Stephanie Merryman
Enrichment Teacher
Enrichment Aide
I love working with the younger children. Watching them get so excited to show you how much they know about a subject is the best. I love how open and honest they are. Lial has been a true blessing! I have a son who is a 7th year, and we were both welcomed with open arms. It can be hard to change schools and find new friends. But we found a loving and caring community in Lial. The staff here is amazing and we are so grateful.
Primary (6, 7, 8 year olds)
2010Mrs. Margaret MaltmanRel., TL, MathLourdes University: Bachelor of Arts
Early Childhood P-3
Reading P-3
Elementary Generalist 4-5 Religion Certificate Advanced
I love working with young children and guiding them while they experience learning. Teaching children how to learn is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I love Lial because it is a place where we all work together to become our personal best. Lial is a place full of support from administration, teachers, parents and even the students! You are never alone when you are at Lial! mmaltman@lialschool.org
2014Mrs. Marcia Swint TL, MathLourdes College - Bachelors of Early Education,
Master of Teaching and Curriculum
I love coming up with new and creative ways to teach a lesson. Using innovative ways to make a math or language lesson more exciting (and more memorable) for students is why I love teaching at Lial. Instead of following a book, I can “mix it up” a bit with other activities.The faith based roots are what I love about Lial. Also, the support from families and fellow faculty members in and out of the classroom. Lial has become more than a place of employment; it has become part of my family. mswint@lialschool.org
2017Mrs. Annie McCarthyRel, TLUniversity of Toledo, Bachelor of Education
Early Childhood P-3
Reading P-3
Reading Endorsement K-12
Religion Certificate Basic
I love the relationship I build with the kids. It never gets old to see their growth and how they think and learn. It is a blessing to work at a school that values the whole child. Each child progresses at his or her own pace with a strong collaboration of guidance and love from school and home. amccarthy@lialschool.org
Intermediate (8, 9, 10, 11 year olds)
Miss Lyndsey Urbaniak
Lial alumnae
Rel., TL., MathUniversity of Dayton
Early Childhood P-3
Elementary Generalist 4-5
Working towards a Masters in reading from BGSU
I truly love coming into the classroom every day to see students' positive attitudes. It is such a true joy when I see a student grasp a concept. I learn so much from my students and they always keep me smiling. I love the environment and feeling you get when you are in Lial. Growing up I was shaped by so many teachers in this school that it made me want to become a teacher. It has been my dream to come back and teach here to be in this loving, faith-filled environment. Lial inspired me to continue my education in Catholic environments. lurbaniak@lialschool.org
2018Mrs. Colleen EllisRel., TL, MathUniversity of Toledo -Early Childhood Education,
$th and 5th grade Endorsement
Concordia University - Masters in Reading
Teaching has always been my passion but teaching at Lial has been my dream.My favorite part of Lial is the close connection we have with families. Lial is a truly special community that I am proud to be a part of. cellis@lialschool.org
2014Mrs. Barb O’Donnell Rel., TL., MathUniversity of Toledo -Bachelor of EducationI love finding new ways to involve kids in their learning. Some of the best times in class revolve around discussions that we have as a class. Listening to them listen to each other and respond to each other is wonderful. I also love that “Aha” moment when a student gets a concept. The lightbulb just radiates light. Teaching is very gratifying.Lial is a spectacular place to learn and to teach. Kindness flows throughout the school. It is a huge extended family where our parents’ kids are our kids. Parents and fellow teachers don’t hesitate to step up when help is needed. Student leaders are born at Lial. Our multi-age classrooms allow students to go beyond a set curriculum and soar. Younger students are exposed to more difficult concepts, and older students can become the teachers to those younger students. Students who struggle for whatever reason have the time to grow in their maturity and academics bodonnell@lialschool.org
2013Sr. AnnMarie Borgess, SNDInter. Rel., TL, Soc.
MIddle School TL
Bowling Green State University - Bachelor of Arts in Education
University of Dayton - Master of Arts in Education
Education is not simply teaching content. It is fostering the development of the whole child. I love seeing children blossom and grow confident in their gifts and abilities while learning to accept and work with their limitations. Our faith is a gift. It is a blessing to be able to infuse a Gospel perspective in everything students are studying! The investment of students, parents and staff is incredible! It is an atmosphere like no other. The respect and care quotient here is off the charts. Lial is truly a family. aborgess@lialschool.org
Intermediate and Middle School Science
Mrs. Lisa Kuhl
Lial alumnae
Inter. and MS ScienceUniversity of Dayton -
Bachelor of Science with environmental emphasis
DePaul University, Chicago -
Masters of Education
4-9 Science Endorsement
I have been a teacher for the past 20 years. I love watching young minds and hearts growing as unique individuals. It is a joy to discover all of the different learning styles and unique personalities in my classroom. I love watching students face when they have an aha moment, or they glow with enthusiasm about the topic we are studying. I love the teacher, student and parent relationship, along with the Lial Covenant and Catholic Social teaching that guides us in all that we do. Students use this partnership to work at their ability level, giving their personal best. It allows the teacher to personalize each student's learning and gives the student confidence and faith in their abilities. lkuhl@lialschool.org
Middle School (11, 12, 13, 14 year olds)
1999Mrs. Jenny Chirico
MathBowling Green State University -Bachelors in Biology
Medical College of Ohio Masters in Biochemistry -Molecular Biology
I love teaching because it is so much more than just a job. It truly is a vocation and a calling, and I am privileged to have been called to Lial. Middle School is a special time in the development of the young, and it is so incredible to be a part of the learning process in the boys and girls who become part of my life. Yes, I very much enjoy teaching mathematical concepts, and love exploring our faith together, but I also appreciate the day to day learning we experience as we navigate the social aspects involved in growing to become our personal bests. Lial is not just a school community, it is a family. The multi-age dynamic allows for students and teachers to develop meaningful relationships that foster the learning process and the development of social and leadership skills. It is amazing to watch the growth of a student from 6th to 8th year. This three-year journey allows time for students to grow comfortable in our community, learn in ways that are best for them, and then to take the role of leader and helper. There is no place like Lial. Our students are strong in faith, committed to service and excel in the learning process. jchirico@lialschool.org
2014Mrs. Sarah Kurtz TL, Soc.University of Toledo-Bachelor of Education
Language Arts and Reading (4-9)
Social Studies (4-9)
Reading Endorsement.
I love teaching because it allows me to give a child the experience of someone who really gets them and accepts them for who they are. That relationship is so important to me. So often, kids don't have that person in their life. And I feel that it is truly an honor to be that person. Being an educator also allows me to keep learning and growing in knowledge.
Lial is truly a unique place. One of the things that makes it unique is the people. The students, parents, faculty, and staff make Lial an exceptional place to come to, day in and day out. The students learn to respect themselves and others from the very beginning. We can have fun at school because that respect has been established. They notice when a teacher or classmate is in need, and they reach out to them. The students are self-directed and motivated to do well. The parents truly do partner with the teachers to make the best decisions for their child. We work as a team to determine what their child needs. Finally, the faculty and staff are all on the same page to do what is best for the individual student. This is what makes Lial an extraordinary place to be!
2021Ms. Maggie PawseyReligion
2010Mrs. Julianne Boyd
Technology Bowling Green State University
B.F.A - Fine Arts, Graphic Design - 1991
University of Toledo - M.Ed - 2011
I love learning. I love helping to build confidence with Technology and to help turn mistakes into learning opportunities.
It’s a place to work together and to strive for everyday best. Kindness is spread and everyone can be themselves. jboyd@lialschool.org
2021Mr. Jim Murcko MusicYoungstown State University - Bachelor and Masters in Music EducationTeaching allows me to be in the presence of kids and their wonderful curiosity and energy level. Teaching music gives me the opportunity to see the personal growth of individuals as musicians and to witness the growth of groups as they work towards a common goal as members of performing ensembles. My job is to hook up and channel that curiosity and energy.The core values and philosophy of Lial are very appealing to me. the caring and helpful atittude of everyone I've met has been great and is a real plus for this school. kmcgilvery@lialschool.org
2014Mrs. Nancy Sasala ArtBowling Green State University - Bachelor of Science in Art Therapy-
Elementary 1-8 University of Toledo -
K-12 Visual Arts
I have always loved working with children and helping them see how our world works and how it is all connected. Art is the universal language and it influences everything we see everyday. I am passionate about advocating for the Arts.
Lial is a unique and special place that is driven by the beautiful mission of the Sisters of Notre Dame and God’s goodness. Children are guided to become the best version of themselves as the teachers work with parents towards this goal.
2021 Ms. Laura MejiaSpanish
2019Mr. Bill Roback PEAdrian College- BAI love seeing students progress from the beginning to the end.I love the family and home feeling of Lial.broback@lialschool.org
2020Mrs. Katie Chowdhary

LibraryOhio University- Communications and Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education with an Emphasis in Freshman Composition, Drama and Public SpeakingI love the excitement of watching students learn something new or different. Watching students grow and develop into caring and thoughtful young adults is a remarkable honor. It is an amazing transformation to behold. I truly enjoy helping and encouraging them as they work through the learning process.There is not enough room here for me to tell you all that I love about Lial. This is my second home and it is for staff, parents, and students alike. Each person is a child of God and is respected as such. We are unapologetic about our Catholic faith and use that faith to teach our curriculum with love and God’s Grace. There is no place like our little school in the woods! kchowdhary@lialschool.org
2015Mrs. Jane Berger21st Century Learning and L-StreamWayne State University - BA, MLISI am blessed to be able to combine my love of research with my love of children! Being able to see students “connect the dots” when working on a project is so gratifying for both of us! No two days are the same and never a “bad day at work” when you work with kids!
Lial is a very special school - more family than school! The Lial community is so supportive of each other and provides an educational experience for its students unlike any other school I have been a part of - from its beautiful school campus to the work that happens in each family room, Lial is an extraordinary place! jberger@lialschool.org
Auxiliary Service Personnel
2018Mrs. Amy Sahloff Nurse lialschoolnurse@lialschool.org
2006Mrs. Pam Bowen Clerk pbowen@esclakeeriewest.org
2008Mrs. Karen Mulholland Speech Therapist kmulholland@esclakeeriewest.org
2021Ms. Lexi AnteauCounselor
2019Mrs. Leslie O'BrienTitle 1 University of Toledo - Bachelor of Elementary Education, Master of Early ChildhoodI enjoy helping young children learn and watch them grow. As a teacher I play a critical role in molding students intellectually , technically, emotionally, and spiritually. I am honored to be given the opportunity to guide my students down the right path and experience things for the first time through fresh eyes!This school's inimitable philosophy and beliefs mimic those of her own and are near and dear to her heart. Lial's multi-aged classrooms provide a unique educational environment in which each child learns at his or her own pace.lobrien@lialschool.org
2019Mrs. Julie Moor Inter. SpecialistBaldwin-Wallace College- Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting
University of Findlay - Master of Arts in Educational Leadership, 2006
I love working with students of all ages. Children are naturally inquisitive and creative. I love helping each child learn at their own pace and encouraging them to take initiative and become more independent learners.I have worked at an array of schools from Public, Charter, and other private schools in the Toledo area. From the administration, teaching staff, parents, students, and anyone who has had the opportunity to Live Lial, it is a very special place with an abundance of love and respect for education, Catholic teaching, and for all of God’s children. Lial is truly a blessing.
2016Ms. Lynn Cherry
Head of SchoolBachelor of Science in Education- BGSU
Master Degree in Education- University of Michigan
Ohio Principal License- University of Findlay
American Montessori Society Licensure Lower Elementary- Michigan Montessori Teacher Education Center
The “little school in the woods” has become my entire world. My daughter attends Lial, my friends are my co-workers, and my faith is shared with the entire community.lcherry@lialschool.org
2020Dr. Debbi BloomquistPrincipalUniversity of Dayton: - Bachelor of Science in Education
Science Education 7-12
Physical Education K-12
Wayne State University - Master of Education
Science Education
University of Toledo - Doctor of Philosophy
I love Lial because it is truly a family. You are always supported and encouraged, and everyone is accepted for who they are. I love going into classrooms and seeing all the students working at their own levels. They accept their God-given gifts and their classmates’ gifts as well. Students are taught that we are all special and unique and to embrace that uniqueness. Going to work everyday at Lial is a blessing full of life, love and laughter. It is undeniably a very special place.